How to Cut Through the Noise of the Super Bowl with Card-Linked Offers

In a time where differentiation in the clutter is key, use card-linked offers to generate even more revenue during peak sales season.

Too Many Ads, Not Enough Eyeballs

Fragmentation of audiences is causing very few singular events where advertisers can attract eyeballs from across demographics. The Super Bowl is one of those events, which is why enormous amounts of money are spent on Super Bowl ads. This has given rise to the phenomenon that, for some, the ads themselves have become the main attraction. 

With everyone competing for space in the Super Bowl, brands need something extra to help cut through the din, and having a card-linked offer to differentiate can help achieve that goal.

An effective card-linked offer can cut through the noise of the overwhelming ad experience and help drive additional revenue in the days and weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. Card-linked offers work further down the conversion funnel, encouraging conversion for specific products and offers when consumers actually go out and purchase. So while big brands spend millions on TV spots, your brand can be the one that is top of mind and top of wallet when people actually head out to buy their TVs, place food orders, and stock up on their favorite team’s gear.


How to Cut Through the Clutter with Card-Linked Offers

Empyr’s card-linked platform is home to thousands of publishers that reach a wide swath of the population. These publishers use Empyr’s API to easily build card-linked offer programs that have tens of thousands of local and national cashback offers, such as 10% cashback at a restaurant or retail store. 

Retail brands can get in on the fun by utilizing their internal consumer data to identify products that resonate with consumers during the Super Bowl season, and deliver real-time offers for those targeted products that can be redeemed directly in the store. Want to reach tech-savvy millennials looking for a new TV for the big game? Retailers such as Best Buy can match to fin-tech publishers like Acorns or NerdWallet to drive additional purchase incentive with a cashback offer. Looking to drive sales from stay-at home moms, party planners, or tailgaters? Match to or even Yelp to get a leg up on the competition. Brands that work with Empyr enjoy automatic access to all of these demos as well as a huge base of new consumers to reach. No matter the target, you can rest assured that Empyr will find a way to reach them. 

This  Super Bowl, enhance your customer’ experience with card-linked offers. They might regret eating all those chicken wings, but they won’t regret the savings.

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