How My Love for Cash Back Offers Turned Into A Stellar Career

A story as told by Pete Brownell..

One of the biggest white whales in terms of online marketing is attributing dollars spent in the virtual space to actual in-store sales. Banana Republic can pump money into their World Wide Web footprint but how can they truly determine if a Banana advertisement on Yelp motivated a consumer to get in their car, drive to the mall and purchase one of their snazzy fall sweaters at the retail location?

That’s where the holy grail of online marketing steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park; every, single, time, with the brilliant concept of card-linked offers. You may have even experienced Card Linked Offers, without truly understanding what was happening behind the scenes. Before I started working at Empyr, I was one of those folks.


A few years ago, strolling through my Bank of America online application, I noted a section called “BANKAMERIDEALS.” I was intrigued and upon further investigation, it was explained to me that I’d get 10% cashback on my Bank of America credit card if I made a purchase at Pet Supplies Plus in the next 30 days (hop in the Nissan Rouge, Mia, we’re getting you the top dog treats today).

The more I looked the more I realized that there were tons of brands I enjoyed that were offering cashback just for using one of my credit cards (like 10% back at Bareburger, I obviously got a double order of fries that day). My spending habits were incrementally improving my bank account by eating cheeseburgers. My consumer behavior started to repeat: I kept clicking, spending, and getting "free" money. Was I dreaming (pinch me, Mia!)? Nope, I was just reaping the benefits of card-linked offers without even knowing it.


Fast-forward a few months to my job interview at Empyr. When we really got to the bottom of the product and service that Empyr provides, the response hit me like one of these tantalizing cashback rewards. My interviewer explained that Empyr runs a card-linked offer platform, and that it’s unique partnership with Visa, Mastercard and American Express allows the Empyr network to present national brands the opportunity to attribute online marketing into actual in-store sales. Empyr could literally show their national brand partners which of the recent in-store credit card transactions were the result of Empyr’s card-linked offers platform.

The benefits became more and more apparent, not only could marketers scientifically prove ROI for their online campaigns, but brands and stores also could have a seamless method to offer a reward to a consumer who spends at their location, which ultimately increases consumer loyalty. All the while doing so without any sort of hassle. 


All the consumer had to do was link their card onto a participating publisher’s page (like Yelp’s Cash Back program), hunt for the deals that looked appetizing to them, spend with their linked card, and rake in the dough (or the dog treats in Mia's case).

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