Grow Your Online Affiliate Marketing Program by Adding an In-store Affiliate Marketing Program

When it comes to marketing the brand that you represent on Affiliate Marketing Networks, you’re no newbie. In fact, you’ve seen the success that can come of broadcasting your brand to new audiences at scale. Now, with Card-Linked Offer technology, you can take all the things that you love about your Affiliate Marketing programs and generate predictable, pay for performance-based results, in-store.

The challenge of tying your digital ad spend to online transactions has been solved for a long time, but it wasn’t until recently when marketers learned that they could use Card Linked Offers, to connect their online consumers, to in-store revenue.

How it works:

Your brands are featured on our exclusive network of publisher partners, apps and websites like Yelp, USAA, Wells Fargo, Acorns,, where your brands are exposed to over 319 million monthly active users. Your brand(s) provide these users with an incentive such as 5% cash back and those users then link up their credit cards to these specific offers. The consumer then makes their purchase in-store and the cash back reward is added back to their credit card.

The brand(s)  wins because:

1) Increased Foot traffic was driven in store
2) A purchase was made and revenue generated
3) There is 100% attribution to the online ad that drove the revenue
4) The brand only pays after a transaction is made
5) Your brand is exposed to hundreds of millions of additional consumers

So you know how it works - but how does it compare to your current Online Affiliate Marketing Strategy and how will it complete or complement what you already have going on.

 Compare Online Affiliate Marketing Programs to In-Store Affiliate Marketing Programs


Complement your Online Affiliate Program with New Monthly Active Users through Empyr’s In-Store Affiliate Program

Increased marketing reach and scale are two of the primary reasons that performance marketers choose affiliate programs. The key becomes finding audiences that are exclusive, diverse, and offer exposure to potential customers that your other networks don’t provide visibility into. Certain websites and apps don’t traditionally offer online affiliate program opportunities directly but do offer in-store affiliate programs now through Empyr.

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“Work smarter, not harder” 

On the same note of scale and reach, many performance marketing teams are looking to optimize their efficiency. 

Card Linked Offers on Empyr’s Platform automatically have third-party transaction verification, built in budget capping, and automatic budget optimization. This garners efficiency, allowing you to complement your Online Affiliate Program.


Complete 1:1 Attribution: Knowing which websites and apps produced which in-store sales   

Gone is the era of performance marketing (such as pay-per-click campaigns) where the results that were being shared were potentially manipulated, by click spamming, and other methods of ad fraud. Today, there are systems in place that are making it more difficult to manufacture results, and in the same vein, online affiliate programs have set the bar high for measurement and accuracy to become standard practice.

Performance marketers use multi-touch, first click and last click attribution as their holy grail for measurement. Empyr’s In-Store Affiliate Program takes last click attribution one step further and connects the dots to actual in-store purchase data. This will be able to bridge the gap from your brand's online offer, driving traffic in-store, and then by leveraging a relationship with the major credit card brands be able to report back which transactions were driven by you In-Store Affiliate Program.


All of the Pay for Performance that you love.

The marketplace has been conditioned to pay post-click; this is a great way to minimize risk for your brand. The decade-old adage where “we can’t understand which half of our marketing is performing for us”, is deader than a doornail.

Pay for performance marketing models are in demand because they guarantee a return, and offer a low barrier of entry. Making it very easy to get started and easy to prove the effectiveness of your partnerships.

Marketers are able to go “eyes wide open” into their campaigns.


Not just Lift. Incremental Lift.

Just as important as 1:1 Attribution, are Reporting and Analytics. The dashboard that your brand will have access to will show the in-flight performance of your campaign with actual in-store transactions, the number of purchases, revenue generated, and average order value. A post-campaign report illustrates the incrementality of your program by using a test v control incremental revenue lift analysis. The power of these insights allows you to make smart decisions about budget allocation and creative execution.


Complete, Concise, Onboarding

It’s also helpful to know that: just like your Online Affiliate Marketing Programs, starting an In-Store Affiliate Program is quick to activate. Within 1-2 weeks, an entire Cash Back Offer can be live on the Empyr network. With no setup in-store needed, no hardware, no modification to the POS systems, no staff training, it’s figuratively “a flip of a switch” to get going.


Complement Other Results

Lastly, very similarly to your Affiliate Marketing Programs, brands can expect to see almost immediate results. Because of the quick “time to live”, potential customers can see and redeem your offer on day one. It may take some time to optimize the offer, but the results will start rolling quickly.


Rewarding customers for behavior that results in new customer acquisition is an easy choice for a Brand, but rewarding customers for an increasing share of wallet is an even bigger part of the equation. Omnichannel marketing is at its all-time high, and being able to stand out amongst competitors in an aggressive marketing landscape is just one of the necessary elements of a strong brand.

Do your brand a favor, and get them in front of millions of new consumers with an In-Store Affiliate Program.

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