[Infographic] Connect Your Online Ads to In-Store Sales with Card-Linked Offers

What exactly is a Card-Linked Offer, anyway?

Card-linked offers are a digital marketing tool designed to bridge the gap between online marketing and in-store sales. They create a connection that can help National Brands understand what customers have seen in an online card linked offer ad, and when that spurs them to buy in-store.

Card-linked offers are an incredible way to increase in-store visits and total sales.

Today, more than 40% of top 100 National Brands (Retailers) use card-linked offers to boost their revenue, and increase retention with their users. National advertisers have turned to this digital tool because it improves marketing efficiencies and can easily replace more confusing and cumbersome strategies involving QR codes or print-out coupons.

The system works by showing a consumer a targeted offer online — typically this is for a certain percentage of cash back on an in-store purchase. The consumer clicks through to an app or account sign-up form. They then link the credit card they plan to use in-store to that account. After they go into the store and use the card for a purchase, they receive the cash-back. Learn more below..

CLO Infographic-1


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