Card Linked Marketing Programs Hit Critical Mass

If you weren't paying close attention you may have missed that some of the largest websites and apps on the planet have launched or are working on card-linked programs from Facebook to Uber to Microsoft. The Empyr platform power many of these programs, and we are happy to announce a handful of new partnerships. Before I announce them I'd like to take a moment to explain why card-linked programs are hitting critical mass.

So why all the fuss around card linking? It comes down to a simple premise; websites and apps are constantly searching for the best way to monetize their user base without detracting from the great user experience they provide which got them the users in the first place. Card linked programs do exactly that - they help provide a new revenue stream and they provide a new frictionless benefit to users that make them more engaged and loyal.

Let us explain how it works. Websites and apps are using Empyr's API to give their users access to offline offers like 10% cash back at a restaurant. To get the offer, consumers link up any credit or debit card to the website/app (using Empyr's API) and the consumer simply pays with that card. Instantly the consumer earns cash back or points and the website/app earns a commission on the sale, both paid by the merchant in return for the customer they received.

This is a win-win-win ecosystem without friction which is why it is gaining serious momentum. Behind the scenes of all of this is Empyr, powering the card-linked tracking for thousands of participating merchants so the program is plug and play for websites and apps to start generating serious revenue on day one. Just how serious is the revenue opportunity? Glad you asked. We built a revenue calculator so you can know exactly what you can earn with Empyr here.

Below are some of the latest partners to join the Empyr platform. I encourage you to check out each one to see the various ways you can build a card link program. Among them are straight forward cash-back programs as well as points-based loyalty programs. With the Empyr API there are unlimited ways to connect your online consumers to offline businesses and tap into the $4.5 trillion dollars spent every year offline.

LivingSocial’s Restaurants Plus -’s Card Linked Offers -

Swagbucks’ Local App -

Microsoft's Earn -

If you have a website or app with over 1 million monthly users contact us here to learn how you can start capitalizing on online to offline commerce with Empyr.

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