O2O: Strategy and insights for online to offline commerce

By Erika Carmichael | April 24, 2019

As retailers, it is vital to stay in front of the customer at every stage in their journey, but it takes tremendous effort to...

4 minute read

Tags: O2O

By Erika Carmichael | February 18, 2019

So you work for a digital tech company that has a powerful sales force. We’re talking about a team of at least a hundred...

2 minute read

Tags: channel

By Erika Carmichael | January 31, 2019

When it comes to marketing the brand that you represent on Affiliate Marketing Networks, you’re no newbie. In fact, you’ve...

4 minute read

By Erika Carmichael | November 29, 2018

FinTech Super Stars Embrace Card Linked Programs by Partnering with Empyr

FinTech companies offer its users smart ways to save,...

2 minute read

By Erika Carmichael | September 24, 2018

Have you heard about the magic of card-linked offers but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve seen a Medium or Forbes...

11 minute read

Tags: Insider, O2O

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