Add the Newest Digital Ad Product to Your Toolkit and Generate a $1M+ Annual Recurring Revenue Stream to Your Business

So you work for a digital tech company that has a powerful sales force. We’re talking about a team of at least a hundred people. Every day the team shows up, and get’s to business dialing or making their stop-ins. The sales floor is full of chatter, relationships are being built and the money is starting to roll in.

As an executive, it’s your job to continuously make sure that the toolkit that your sales team is leveraging is meaningful to the people that you are selling to.

If you’re a digital ad tech company, and you’re selling to local businesses, you need to tap into the mind of your customer and truly understand what it is that they need.

Some of the local business merchants’ challenges might include: driving foot traffic into their business, increasing revenue and getting customers to come back. Meanwhile, your sales team is always talking about the challenge in attributing your digital ad products and services to their customer's actual in-store revenue.

Let me present to you a new sales tool that you can empower your team with - Introducing: Card Linked Offers. Here’s how it works: 

  • Your team offers their local business customers the chance to opt into our card-linked marketing network with no upfront cost
  • Empyr then advertises the business’s card-linked offer to 300+ million consumers on our Exclusive Marketplace which consists of 100’s of websites and apps like Yelp, Swagbucks, Wells Fargo, Hawaiian Airlines, Acorns and many more.
  • When customers see the cashback offer, they’ll link their credit card on the given website or app.
  • Then they go shopping in-store and automatically get their cash back reward.

“It’s turnkey, easy to activate, repeatable, scalable. All the elements that you want in your next digital product offering.”

The cashback offers are not only responsible for driving in-store traffic to your customers, but they are also responsible for increasing actual in-store revenue. Sounds like a total win for your customer’s businesses, right? You might be asking, well what’s in it for me? How can my organization leverage the Cash Back Offer to grow our business?

You’ve come to the right place. Cash Back Offers with Empyr can create a recurring revenue stream for your organization. You are able to capture a % of all the transactions from your customers that advertise on Empyr’s Network.

Let’s talk numbers:

If you have 1,000 businesses live on the network, and on average we can generate $2,000 in monthly spend per business, we’d be generating $2,000,000 in monthly spend across all these businesses. There is a marketing fee of 10% paid by the business for the revenue we drive into their stores as a result of their cash back offers, meaning $200,000 in marketing fees for us to split. Our partners get 50% of the marketing fee, so with 1,000 businesses, you would make $100,000 in monthly recurring net revenue. Annualized, this would result in a $1,200,000 recurring net revenue stream for your business.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 11.24.20 AM

Wouldn’t you love to offer a product to your customers that will drive in-store traffic, boost revenue, and increase customer loyalty; all the while, generating recurring revenue for your company? We’d love to have you as part of our channel program. To join the already growing 10,000 local businesses on our network, give us a ring!


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